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DSP in vehicles 2018
October 7th − 9th, 2018 @ Nagoya University
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The 8th Biennial Workshop on DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems
Cutting Edge of Data Analytics for Advanced Human-Vehicular Systems

Since the inception of the first Biennial Workshop on DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems in Nagoya 2003, progress based on data analytics have completely changed the technologies of Human-Vehicle systems. At that time in 2003, the ability to achieve recognition of distant speech voice commands, deep learning for object detection, as well as fully autonomous driving had not been regarded as an industrial reality for almost 10 years later. Now, with rapid advancements by diverse researchers worldwide, these domains have working realizations, and so the next main challenge is the integration of them towards more human friendly and society friendly automated systems. In this next workshop to take place in Nagoya in 2018, we will re-focus on the technologies of data analytics in speech/audio, computer vision and intelligent vehicle advancements under the perspectives of human harmonizing systems. The workshop organization will include inviting three distinctive keynote speakers from speech, vision and vehicle areas. We also invite stakeholders from industry, government for an open discussion/engaging panel discussion with researchers on the future deployment of autonomous and intelligent systems. As in previous workshops, extended articles in the selected presentations will be included in the next volume of the De Gruyter Book series "DSP, human-to-vehicle interfaces, driver behavior, and safety." The Organizing Committee looks forward to seeing you in Nagoya, and contributing your thoughts and expertise as signal processing research advances for next generation vehicle/driver systems.

1. Scopes of the workshop

The scopes of the workshop include but are not limited to signal processing related to the following topics; Human-Machine Interactions (speech understanding, synthesis, virtual reality, gesture, dialogues, multimodality etc.), Computer Vision (image recognition, tracking, segmentation, depth maps, visual SLAM), Intelligent Vehicles (driver behavior, path planning, sensor fusion, point clouds, dynamic maps).

2. Workshop program (tentative)

  • Day 1, October 7th (15:00 − 19:00): Opening, Keynote and reception
  • Day 2, October 8th (09:00 − 20:00): Presentations / Posters dinner
  • Day 3, October 9th (09:00 − 15:00): Presentations, Keynote, Panel and Closing

3. Important dates

  • Abstract/Intent of participation received by April 30th May 31st
  • Manuscript received by May 31stJuly 16th
  • Notification of the acceptance will be sent by July 31stAugust 10th
  • Workshop: Oct 7th−9th

4. Publications

Accepted papers and presentations will be available for download from the conference site in pdf format as a zip file. Extended versions of 20 selected presentations will be included in the 3rd volume of the De Gruyter book, Vehicle Systems and Driver Modelling.

5. Conference organizing committee

General Chairs:
Kazuya Takeda (Nagoya Univ.), Huseyin Abut (San Diego State Univ.), John Hansen (Univ. of Texas at Dallas), Gerhard Schmidt (Univ. of Kiel)
Conference chairs:
Norihide Kitaoka (Tokushima Univ.) , Takatsugu Hirayama (Nagoya Univ.), Hirofumi Aoki (Nagoya Univ.)
Program chairs:
Tomoki Toda (Nagoya Univ., Speech), Daisuke Deguchi (Nagoya Univ., Computer Vision), Chunzhao Guo (Toyota CRDL, Vehicle)
Publicity chair:
David Robert Wong (Nagoya Univ.)
Local Secretaries:
Chiyomi Miyajima (Nagoya Univ.), Chika Ando (Nagoya Univ.)

6. Conference sponsor/co-sponsors

Nagoya University, JST (COI/OPERA/MIRAI), IEEE ITS Society Nagoya/Tokyo chapters, IEEE SP Society Tokyo JC

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  • 2018/5/11 May

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  • 2018/5/1 May

    Deadline for abstract submission has been extended.

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  • 2018/4/16 April

    Paper template is now available.

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  • 2018/4/5 April

    Abstract submission is open.

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Access map

  • 25 minutes from Nagoya station by subway
  • Please use public transportation
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